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13 July, 2024 at 01:45PM

    Vision and Mission

    Traditionally a Masjid was built at the centre of the community used as a means of spiritual guidance but also focusing on the educational and social needs of the community. We would like to revive the tradition of what a Masjid once represented. We believe the Masjid should be the hub of the community offering a variety of services for all of the Reading community.

    Abu Bakr Masjid has an open-door policy and is always looking at ways of engaging and benefitting the people of Reading.

    Come and join us on this journey by becoming a volunteer or if you have any good ideas of what we should be offering to the community, we always welcome ideas.


    Abu Bakr Trust was established in 1997 with the intention of building a purpose-built Islamic Centre in the West of Reading to promote the teachings of Islam, provide Islamic education to the Muslim community and other charitable services which are beneficial to the wider community including the facilities for congregational prayer in the Borough of Reading and to provide other facilities in the interest of social welfare to those who have a need.

    The doors of Abu Bakr Masjid were first opened in the holy month of Ramadan in 2013 but the vision of having a purpose-built Masjid and community centre in Reading was planted in early 90s. 

    It all started on a fine day when one of founding members of Abu Bakr Trust, Mohammad Saood, standing outside his shop on Oxford Road, looking at the minaret of Battle Library and visualising having a masjid with minaret and dome in Reading area. As the need to have the masjid in the area was already there, Mr Saood teamed up with other community members and started to look for a suitable site for the masjid. The team of volunteers took it upon themselves with the support of the community and began the journey of raising funds both locally and nationally. After purchasing the land at the site of old Battle hospital, the planning permission to build a purpose build masjid was obtained. The first phase of construction work began in 2007.

    Through dedication hard work and the will of Allah, the dream of building a purpose build Masjid became a reality and the Masjid moved from a small terrace house on Valentia Road to a purpose-built Masjid and community centre for the whole of the Reading community to benefit from.