COVID-19 Guidelines

    Abu Bakr Masjid & Islamic Centre Reading re-opening announcement


    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    In accordance with the recent advice from the government, Insha’Allah Abu Bakr Islamic Centre Reading will be re-opening for congregational prayers with limited services from Fajar Salaah on Monday 6th July 2020.

    In preparation for reopening, we have carried out a detailed risk assessment to ensure appropriate safety measures and guideline are in place in order to minimise the risk of infection and to provide a safe environment to our worshipers.

    It is critical that we as an individual abide by the guidelines and behave responsibly as the risk of spreading or catching the virus is still there. Therefore, we must take precautions and follow the social distancing guideline set by the government.

    The ABM management has issued the following guidelines and request everyone to strictly adhere to this:

    1. Anyone unwell or showing any of COVID-19 symptoms should not attend the masjid
    2. Aged and with underlying health conditions and those that are shielding should not attend the masjid
    3. There will not be the wudhu (ablution) facility at the masjid, please do your wudhu before attending the masjid
    4. Masjid will open 15 minutes before each Jama’ah time and will close 15 minutes after the completion of each congregational prayer.
    5. Jumah Prayer; Insha Allah there will be two Jama’ah each Friday until further notice, first jama’ah at 13:30 and second jama’ah at 14:15
    6. Spaces are limited for the Friday prayer, therefore, doors will be closed if the designated spaces are filled
    7. Please pray in the designated prayer space, do not remove the marking or swap the places
    8. You must bring your own clean prayer mat and do not share with others
    9. You must bring a plastic bag for your shoes and take it with you into the hall and place it either side of you. The shoe rack facility is temporarily unavailable.
    10. Please bring your own mask or face covering and you must wear it while you are in the masjid
    11. Please perform sunnah and nafil prayers at home
    12. There will be no access to any material in the masjid, bookshelves are temporarily closed and chairs have been folded away
    13. Please adhere to the one-way system in the masjid, follow the instruction signs/posters displayed in the masjid
    14. Please follow the instructions given by the masjid volunteers
    15.  Please do not congregate outside or inside the masjid
    16. Social distancing must be practised at all time
    17. Please use the sanitisers provided in the masjid
    18. Please take all your belongings with you e.g. prayer mat shoe bag etc. Any left-over items will be disposed
    19. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to cater for sisters and children under the age of 12

    Our volunteers reserved the right to stop you entering the masjid if you do not adhere to the above-mentioned guideline

    We would like to thank the community for supporting their masjid during this difficult time and cooperating with the management decisions. We hope and trust that you will continue your support and cooperation to ensure that our masjid is a safe and peaceful place of worship.

    It is indeed a difficult and testing time for all of us but we pray to Allah (SWT) for His mercy that He brings ease to the current situation so that we can return to the normal practice……... Ameen

    Jazaak Allahu Khairan

    Abu Bakr Masjid Management