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    Social Distancing SOP

    • July 29, 2021

    As a result of changes in the government guidance since 19th July 2021, ABM management has reviewed the current SOPs and issued the following guidance. 
    - Face covering must be worn inside the masjid by everyone over the age of 12, except those who have a valid exemption from NHS.
    - Prayer mats are no longer compulsory but we advise that you bring one.
    - Social distancing of one meter will remain in place until further notice
    - Wadu facilities are still closed until further review, so please perform your wudu at home.
    - Shoe racks are now open
    - one-way system is no longer in place 
    We understand that face covering, social distancing etc are no longer mandatory by law but considering the recent surge in infection, it is our responsibility to protect vulnerable people in our community.  Therefore, we request everyone to adhere to the above guidelines and cooperate with the masjid volunteers. We will continue to review this guidance on weekly basis and we will make changes accordingly. 
    May Allah protect us all!
    Jazak Allah 
    Abu Bakr Masjid Managememt