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    EID-UL-ADHA Prayer Timings

    • July 24, 2020

    EID UL ADHA 2020 Will be celebrated on Friday 31st July Insha Allah
    Eid prayer timings are as follow;
    1st Jamaah- 7:30am by Hafiz Faheem
    2nd Jamaah- 8:30am by Mufti Mohammad
    3rd Jamaah- 9:30am by Imam Javed

    • Unfortunately, there will be no prayer facilities for sisters on this Eid
    • Children over the age of 7 are allowed but must be supervised by an adult.
    • You must follow the social distancing guideline and other instructions from masjid


    1. You must bring your Prayer Mat
    2. You must perform Wudhu at home
    3. You must wear a mask before entering the Masjid
    4. You must bring a bag for shoes and keep the shoes with you at all times

    Please follow the instructions of our volunteers. Help them help you.

    JazakAllahu Khayran